Jacques Alfred Brielman
French Barbizon, 1836-1892

Follower of Peter Paul Rubens
Flemish, c. 1630

Rembrandt van Rijn
(Suiveur de)
Dutch, 1606-1669

Cornelis van Haarlem
Dutch Mannerist Old Master (1562-1638)

Domenico Piola the Elder
(Entourage of)
Italian Genoese Baroque (1627-1703)

Walter Biddlecombe
English, 1855-1903

Peeter Baltens (1527-1584)
(Suiveur de)

Georges Pierre Diéterle
French Barbizon School, (1844-1927)

Albert Alexandre Lenoir
French (1801-1891)

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri (Il Guercino)
Italian Baroque Old Master (1591-1666)

Paul Alexandre Alfred Leroy
French Impressionism, 1860-1942

Mattéo Brondy
French Orientlist, 1866-1944

Studio of Jean-Baptiste Oudry
French Rococco (1686-1755)

Follower of Frans Floris
Dutch, 1517-1570

Follower of Eugène Delacroix
French, 1798-1863

Follower of Philipp Peter Roos (Rosa de Tivoli)
German Baroque, 1655-1706

Felice Boselli
(Attributed to)
Italian, 1650-1732

Alexis Charles Auguste Maréchal
French, 1800's

Original Antique 1903 French Cycling Poster

Original Signed Antique French Art Deco Advertising Poster

Guido Reni
Italian, 1575-1632

School of Cuzco Peru Oil Painting

Henri Lebasque
French, 1865-1937

Louis Taverne
Belgian, 1859-1934

Harold Spencer-Jones
English, 19th Century

French Follower of Jacopo Bassano
Italian, 1515-1592

Pieter Van Bloemen
Flemish, 1657-1720

Entourage of Cornelis de Baellieur
Flemish Baroque, 1607–1671

François Édouard Bertin
French, 1797–1871

Albert Charpin
Barbizon School
French, 1842-1924

Arcangelo Resani
Italian, 1670-1740

Frederick Arthur Bridgman
American, 1847-1928

Jean-Baptiste Belin de Fontenay
(Attributed to)
French, 1653-1720

Reynaud Levieux
French, 1613-1699

David Dellepiane
French Impressionist, 1866-1932

Follower of Caravaggio
Italian, 1571-1610

Entourage of Hyacinthe Rigaud
French, 1659-1743

Giacomo Francesco Cipper
Italian, Lombard School (1670-1738)

Stefano Novo
French, 1862-1902

Flemish Old Master

Antoine Gadan
French, 1854-1934

Adriaen Van Der Cabel
Flemish, 1631-1705

Paulus Potter
Dutch, 1625-1654

Victor Pierre Huguet
French, 1835-1902


Honoré Boze
French, 1830-1908


Constant Troyon

Gustave Courbet
French, 1819-1877

Gustave Adolphe Mossa

Isidore Pils

Antique French Portrait in Oil
c. 1850

Julien Gustave Gagliardini

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